Energy: We are a young and dynamic company who work hard to satisfy our clients in terms of

our promised quality, quantity and delivery, 365 days a year.

Balance: We believe in mutually beneficial, long-term relationships that are built on

trust. This is why we focus more on quality than quantity, and make sure we

understand our clients’ needs in order to guarantee cost-effective production.

Innovation: We are based on some of the best land in the agricultural world, the Andalusian

Mediterranean, which together with our drive for continuous improvement and

technological innovation gives us our high quality and efficient production


Care: From our team of professionals who care for our products every day, to the methods and

procedures we use that ensure our most rigorous certifications of quality are

renewed year after year.

Attention: We give our utmost attention to the sowing, growth, harvest, storage and transport

of our products.

Respect: To the whole ecosystem: as much to the end consumers, distributors and suppliers

as to the countryside and natural resources used to add value to the ecosystem.

We use less water, use energy efficiently, control waste removal and make use

of CO2 emissions.